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Waldemar Exkul is a minor character in the novel Look at the Harlequins!, by Vladimir Nabokov. He is the narrator's assistant, "a brilliant young Balt."

From LATH, part 4, chapter 2:

Angelic Ex had already read and marked the entire batch of exams, but he thought I might want to see some of the works he had reluctantly failed.
Sir! I need a passing mark desperately. Ulysses was written in Zurich and Greece and therefore consists of too many foreign words. One of the characters in Tolstoy's Death of Ivan is the notorious actress Sarah Bernard. Stern's style is very sentimental and illiterative.
Have passed the illiterative sentimentalist and all the rest.

E2 Prehistory:

Before I had ever even heard of this place...

  • I had used a word-processing program that FeltTips helped develop.
  • I had learned a little bit about MALTP's grandfather's work on logic.
  • Gritchka posted a writeup that mentioned something I created.


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