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Discover magazine got bought out by the Walt Disney Company in recent years but the quality of articles has not diminished.

A great way to keep an intelligent, curious kid occupied. More readable than most other science magazines (Nature is not readable by most kids), more colourful and with more pictures and diagrams than Scientific American and New Scientist (this is debatable though). A good, general purpose science magazine that has something new each and every month.

Of Discover's regular columns, vital signs discusses various interesting medical cases as told by regular contributors (all of whom are medical practitioners in some speciality or other), Light Elements seems to have disappeared since Disney took over, the bogglers/puzzles at the back of the magazine are still good and a new column at the very end of the magazine, Neuro Quest has given new insight into what we take for granted nowadays, our senses, feelings, thoughts, actions and anything vaguely neurological.

Disclaimer: As of the time of writing of this writeup, I am not (nor have ever been) an employee of Discover magazine nor do I hold (or have ever held) any shares in Disney.