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Goldfish is the stage name for Dominic Peters’ and David Poole’s electronica group. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Goldfish has received critical acclaim on their interesting fusion of dance music with jazz elements. It is common to hear saxophones, double basses, flutes and other acoustic instruments sampled and mixed with more traditional electronica synthetic sounds.

There are those who think electronic music has no skill behind it and its proponents are mere hacks playing from their computer to a live audience, cheating them out of their hard earned cash.1 This belief comes tumbling down when one sees Peters and Poole actually playing their instruments on live performances, and then using those samples on that night’s soundscape.

I would describe their style as upbeat and generally positive. They often compose in the Major key and have no problem using minor harmonies to emphazise good melodies and vocals. Several of their lyrics reflect this laid-back, looking-for-adventure attitude. From their «Soundtracks and Comebacks»:

It’s the kind of place of place to show your face, where no one cares,
What you do or what you say, or what you wear.

Also from «We Come Together»:

When we come together
no matter the weather
we gonna love each other till the end of time
till the end of time

According to their official Discography page, Goldfish has released the following albums (not counting compilations and singles/EPs):

Caught in the loop
January 1, 2005
Perceptions of Pacha
June 1, 2008
Get Busy Living
September 1, 2010
Three Second Memory
January 1, 2013
Late Night People
October 3, 2017

(Before you go out looking for these amazing musicians, a word of warning: to the chagrin of my fellow MusicBrainz editors, there’s at least another six groups named “Goldfish”.)

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  1. And, truth be told, this can be true of many untalented «musicians»