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I bought a TV. A nice one, 37". And a great deal too, only about $2000. Too bad it was just a dream. Hell, when I bought it I told the salesdroid that I may bring it back the next day, but that was only because I was scared that my friends who are more into electronics would laugh at me for buying a television with the wrong type of picture tube. I did buy it with good intentions though. I was there at Future Shop, found a great deal, and made an impulse buy. After the droid had loaded the box (which was much longer than it should have been for that sort of a purchase, but as it was a dream it all made sense) into my hatchback (which I don't have of course) I took it home.

When I got home my girlfriend was in the shower, or the bath or something, so I set up the TV and called her over. I was pretty happy with it and how it fit nicely with the rest of the apartment, and how it was a pretty good size. From this I was rudely interrupted.

The weird thing is that this was the most remembered and most "real" dream I've had for a while. The apartment I came home to was pretty close to the last one I lived at (or so I thought when I woke up), and bringing the TV home to surprise my girlfriend matched up with the potted plant I brought home in real life.