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I work at the last Drive-In Theatre in the lower mainland of BC. the very last one. it's been around since 1953. It's pretty much stayed the same

Little kids still come and watch movies with their parents in their pyjamas and wrapped in blankets.

People still put people in their trunks to try and get in for free. It doesn't work, we're smarter than that. Really.

We show three shows on friday and saturday nights, for less than one matinee at Colosseus. We sell popcorn and corndogs and burgers and nachos and all the rest of your traditional junk food.

People rarely come to see the movie. A lot of them come to get high. And then since they've got the munchies, they come in to buy 80 cents worth of nacho cheese, since they are also broke.

People also come to fuck. One time, a couple in the heat of the moment accidently turned on their headlights, disrupting the show. We had to send our trusty security guy out their to tap on the window and embarrass both himself and them

We supposedly sell condoms in the men's bathroom. I wouldn't know. I have to use the women's.

The sound comes through on both AM and FM.

The projection booth is on the ground, so once in a while you can see shadows of people running across the screen

Grown-Ups who have come as children to see E.T. now come to see X Men and Coyote Ugly, but everything else is the same as they remember.