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As opposed to just any pub, THE Pub is never of a chain like O'Tooles, which is really a bar that wants to be a pub. The Pub is operated by a family of either British, Irish, or Scottish descent. You know when Old Dave is working and when Young Dave is working.

Some characteristics of The Pub are:
Beer will be served before 11:00am on those early televised via satellite football game days, despite the law forbidding it (in Ontario anyhow).
Half of the male regulars are named Dave, the other half Steve.
No one drinks bottled beer unless it's New Castle, then it is poured into a pint glass anyhow.
Half-pints don't exist.

Most people who frequent pubs do it for the imported beer. The Pub will have Guinness, guaranteed, either Kilkenny or Caffreys, a cider most likely to be Strongbow, New Castle, and a few others depending on the tastes of the regulars.

"Hey Heidi, whatcha doing?"
"Dunno. Let's go to The Pub."
"Okay, see ya there."
End of phone conversation.

Note that which pub need not be asked, as it is The Pub, defined by yourself and fine beer drinkers in your area.
The Pub in Brantford, Ontario is McGonagall's.