Easily one of the best and arguably the best DJ mixer available. This unit is used by a huge amount of people, some of them quite prominent spinners. For example: Fatboy Slim, Dieselboy, DJ SS and many others.

The unit has a John-Holmes-size wad of features that draw the afforementioned people to prefer it over all others. It has:

An automatic BPM counter. It actually counts and updates BPM info realtime.

A full-featured built-in eight second sampler.

An Auto Beat Sampler. Allows you to sample a source and play it back layered on top of beats. BPM is measured digitally and recorded automatically exclusively for designated beats.

Equalizers: Separate HI/MID/LOW 3-band equalizer for each channel. Allows sounds to be adjusted from -26dB to +12dB.

This baby is made by the great folks at Pioneer and weights in at an MSRP of $1500 US.