Table for two

come right this way

ever been here before

no I thought not

I’d remember your face

you’ve had work done haven’t you

but not by a doctor

not in a hospital

not in a clinic

room in the back of a pool hall wasn’t it

a tattoo parlor

and that dye job


who are you kidding

no one’s hair is naturally that color

speaking of color

yellow’s not yours

not that shade anyway

and that skirt’s a bit short for a woman your age

wore that hoping to reel in old Tim

your boyfriend there

he looks like a Tim

you look like a Loretta

girl with fat knees and a factory job

don’t get the French onion soup by the way

it’s good but you need to lose a few pounds

a salad Loretta

with plain vinaigrette would be good for you

what’s that you say

who the hell do I think I am

well I’ll tell you Loretta

I’m the guy who’ll be bringing your food

that I may or may not

have spat in

or worse

any more questions



and here we are

table for two