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I lay spooned into you on your bed. Your left arm across my belly while your right cradles the phone to your ear as you listen to your man. I am comfortable and warm, enjoying your closeness, and the feel of your desire.

I make a joke about how you are careful to not touch my breasts and you tell him you're awkward with girls. He responds and I feel your hand move to cup my breast. My heart beats faster and my breaths quicken. You are holding me, and he... somehow he is a part of it. He tells you more and I feel your hand squeeze and move. A little moan escapes me.

You know what you have done. You know what you have started. You tell him how you're turning me on, how you're going to let him go now so that you can finish what you've started.

This is polyamory to me. It is sharing me, and sharing you. It is being loved and loving and not limiting the size or shape of that love. It isn't about sex. It isn't about having someone to fuck. it is polyamory, amore, love. We may grow to four, or maybe to more, and some will wish they had what we have while others fear or decry it. We may find ourselves in pairs, We may find ourselves in triads. We may find ourselves in combinations we never expected with men and women. We may not all be in love with each other, but as long as we love each other and share openly of our hearts and each other we will have something beautiful.

Love shared, really, really, shared, multiplies and does not divide. when one partner spends time with another you are happy, because they love each other and they make each other happy and we all like to see the ones we love be happy.