The Nazz was the name of a Philadelphia-based psychadelic rock group headed by a very young and virtually unknown guitarist named Todd Rundgren. Their self titled debut album from late 1968 featured the minor hits "Hello, It's Me," which Rundgren turned into a larger hit as a solo artist later, and "Open My Eyes", an unbelieveable song with fuzz guitar and "looping" vocals. The latter also had a short movie (remember this is 1969, no MTV yet) released which was directed by Ray Dennis Steckler, the man who brought us The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.

The Nazz released one more album called appropriately enough "Nazz Nazz" which had a slightly harder sound exemplified by the opening track "Forget All About It" which featured a long guitar solo by Rundgren. These were the only two albums this band released and if not for Rundgren's subsequent fame would be largely forgotten today.