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Painting Warhammer figures, Visual Basic
East Tennessee State University
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Samsung N300
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Stuff about me:

A/S/L: 21/Male/In the hills of Tennessee
Hobbies: Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, painting miniature figures, and other stuff I've forgotten
Anything else, ask or /msg

If you want to talk to me, ask for advice, or even yell at me because of a write up, I can be reached at:

Here are my views about voting:

I will upvote the following:

  • Any node that has at least a small bit of depth - If someone actually puts time into, I usually agree if the facts are there.
  • Any node that I find funny - As long as it doesn't obviously offend anyone and makes me laugh.
  • Any node that satisfies the requirement of teaching me something new everyday.
  • Any node that makes me think, that's my big upvote getter.

I will downvote the following:

Some of my workings that I have deemed worthy to be mentioned in my home node:

Quests I have completed:

Write Ups that I should have done better:

Nodes that are otherwise classified as bullshit:

Write Ups that should have done better:

Write Ups that I wish I had never done (Newbie Shit):

Fellow noders (otherwise known as friends in real life):