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Suave, like old movies.

When they say words like 'beautiful' or 'gorgeous'.

It will stick in your mind. Lingering there.

Making you mull it over in your head, wondering if they were sincere. Wondering if they just say it to every other girl too.

Suave. In a scary way. A way you are not accustomed to.

Speaking the words in a way that will suck you into a conversation that feels almost like a dream.

"Hi, beautiful." And he will look at you with a strange stare.

This worries you because you had just washed your face. He speaks to you in your eyes, and the connection does not break.

And neither do you.

Because you feel as though it's this conversation... the eye contact... the words that are being shared... this moment in time, that gives you a reason to believe people are sincere.

You are the focus. You are the main interest.

The conversation is really nothing. Irrelevant. Mindless small talk.

It only lasts a few minutes anyhow.

"Sweet dreams & all that" ...

You go to bed with those words in your head. Those words...

Stuck for days.

"Hi, beautiful. Hi, beautiful. Hi, beautiful."