The poem is read from top to bottom;
the numbers are the order in which lines were contributed.

All are welcome to add any number of lines, anywhere in the poem.
/msg me your line(s) and location: beginning, end, or between two adjacent lines.
Punctuation and capitalization will be adjusted to accommodate new lines.

To read the poem as it was after only N lines were added,
skip over any line with a number greater than N.

Drive a wedge in.

12It was late summer,etouffee
11only five weeks left---Rapscallion
24lucky number; five points of a star; and yetPandeism Fish
13a typical sidewalkless suburbetouffee
1in a most unusual location.raincomplex
6She kept the most usual routine.OldMiner
10Walking along the railroad tracksEstelore
3and before dawn burned away the night's dew,raincomplex
2she met an unusual manNanceMuse
4who was drifting among the flowers,GhettoAardvark
9sitting by an old fence, and his mind wasraincomplex
16carefully sublimating bad intentions, lest one escapecolonelmustard
5like a wayward milkseed tossed on the wind.GhettoAardvark
7With a dose of sweet-laced courage,cassparadox
15she strolled up, and leaned forward togrundoon
17speak; but his roughshod pre-emptionDTal
14saccharine, burning his throat,DimView
18caught his voice. And she leaned over him stillraincomplex
19inquisitive, wondering how he could be parchedetouffee
8with a bottle in his hand,The Custodian
21wrapped her fingers round his, a question rising,tentative
25voice like thunder, shudder and plunderIWhoSawTheFace
20and then I woke up.Wasps
22Unhurried, alone, slowly rising from the sheets,tentative
26a tangle of legs, hair & candy crumbs warm from latesynechdouche
23morning body heat, not quite a sweatlizardinlaw

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