The first game is one I like to call Sherman Tank. All you need is a heavy snowstorm, lethargy, and a bag of luck points. Instead of brushing/scraping all the snow and ice off your vehicle (like your uptight driving instructor would tell you), simply scrape off an index card-sized area on your windshield, crank up your heater and head out to adventure. The best part comes at intersections. My advise is creep out very slowly and be ready for impact. Nothing can spice up your day like barreling down the road in your ice encrusted mini tank.

Next is the irresistible force. To play this game effectively you need a full, clear range of vision, so don't try to play Sherman Tank while engaged in this one, and an unplowed driveway. Get in your car, pick a target out in the road i.e., a paint mark, piece of ice... now imagine a straight line from your position to the target. Pray to whatever god, force, entity you worship, for limited traffic volume and slam the peddle to the floor! At this point your car will start to jump from side to side and the snow will build up under you slowly ruining your traction but never fear. You have the laws of Newton and ol' mother momentum working for you. When you bounce out into the street (hopefully missing any cars) you'll be beaming with pride that once again science has defeated nature.

You can also play Arms Race. You'll need another driver for this one and it's hard to tell who's willing to play with you. I find male teenagers to be suckers for this one. You need to be on an icy road that is relatively straight and long. Pull up to your potential playmate and stay even with him for awhile. When he speeds up, you do to. Keep this up for awhile, always staying just in front of him until you get to a traffic light. Now just before the light starts to change creep forward. Let him know that you will plant your flag on the blessed other side of the street before him. If he starts to idle forward the game is on. When the light changes GO, GO FAST! He'll try to keep up, both of you fish-tailing down the road. The game gets progressively faster as you keep going. The winner is the one who doesn't lose control due to their increased speed.

Finally we come to my favorite game, 007. You need a big snowfall for this one, the bigger the better. Brush off your windshield, mirrors and rear window nothing else. Start driving down the road really, really slow. Try not to break 15 MPH if you can until you see a car behind you. Wait for him to get close and slow down to your speed. Once you've got the spy on your tail speed up. You have to go at least 30 for a proper "smoke cloud." Watch in your mirror as their car is engulfed in white icy death. You'll lose the spy in no time as he slams on the brakes, hitting the wipers, trying to find the road. If you're really lucky he'll pull over and you can go to the bar for a martini "shaken, not stirred."