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Here is the version used in the White Wind Zen Community, the best translation I could find. Used with permission.

The hyphens indicate something of pacing and stress for chanting the sutra.

Mahaprajnaparamita Hridaya sutra:
Discourse on the Heart of Vast and Perfect Knowing

Avalo-kitesh-vara, Bo-dhi-satt-va Ma-ha-satt-va,
cours-ing in the depths of pra-jna-pa-ra-mita,
saw the five skan-dhas are emp-ty
and thus tran-scend-ed ob-struction.

Sha-ri-putra, know that
form is emp-ti-ness; emp-ti-ness is form,
emp-ti-ness is not other than form;
form not other than emp-ti-ness.

Re-action, sym-b’lization, patt-er-ning,
and con-scious-ness
are just like this.

Thus, Sha-ri-putra,
all dhar-mas are marked by emp-ti-ness,
are not born and do not cease,
are not pure nor im-pure,
do not in-crease nor de-crease.

There-fore, Sha-ri-putra,
in emp-ti-ness, there is no form,
no re-action, sym-b’lization, patt-ern-ing,
nor con-scious-ness.

No eye, ear, nose, tongue, bo-dy, mind;
no form, sound, smell, taste, touch,
nor what the mind takes hold of.

No ig-nor-ance, nor end of it,
no de-cay and death,
no end of de-cay and death.
No suffering, no source of suffering,
no ce-ssa-tion of suffering;
no path, no wis-dom,
no a-ttain-ment, no non-a-ttain-ment.

Thus,Bo-dhi-sattvas have no a-ttain-ment,
but just live in pra-jna-pa-ra-mita;
un-ob-scured, and so with-out fear.
Thus they real-ize com-plete re-lease.

All Bu-ddhas of the three times,
through pra-jna-pa-ra-mita,
fu-lly a-wa-ken to un-sur-passable,
true, com-plete en-light-en-ment.

Thus, the great dha-rani of pra-jna-pa-ra-mita,
the radiant dha-rani,
the peer-less, su-preme man-tra,
the ma-ntra that ends ob-struction
No-thing is hid-den
so know and pro-claim the truth:

(three times)
Pra-jna para-mita!