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T R U E • H U M P E R D I N C K • F A C T O I D S

Engelbert's name is taken from the Austrian composer of Hansel and Gretel, born in the Year of Our Lord 1854.

Engelbert has sold over 130 million records.

Jimi Hendrix once opened a concert for Engelbert.

Engelbert's friends have the honour to call him "Hump."

Engelbert's first stage name was "Gerry Dorsey" as his first act was to impersonate the comedian Jerry Lewis.

Engelbert's biggest hits were Release Me and Quando Quando Quando.

Engelbert has received four Grammy award nominations and a Golden Globe award (in 1988) as "Entertainer of the Year".

Engelbert's first instrument was the saxophone, taken up at the age of eleven.

Engelbert has had tuberculosis.

Engelbert preceded Elvis in the wearing of leather jumpsuits and sideburns. Elvis got this idea from Engelbert. They were great friends right up to Elvis' ascension.

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