The weather and geology in Nigeria are mild. We do not have earthquakes or tornadoes or typhoons or hailstorms or snowstorms or any other show of nature's power. I was in South-East Asia during the time of the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami. I was nowhere near any of the places that were hit. So, I did not experience it. At other times, I was told that there were a few mild earthquakes in the places where I lived. But they all happened at night, and I was sleeping, so I cannot say I experienced them.

A disappointment I share with many of my contemporaries who grew up reading Enid Blyton and such books is the reality of many of the delicious things described in those books. We all thought the cakes and scones and ice-creams described in there would be different or so much better than what we were used to. In particular, we all thought hot chocolate would be some sort of melted down chocolate bar that would flow like a liquid and be extremely delicious. You can imagine our disappointment when we found out that it was just the powdered stuff we had known all our lives by different brand names. So, while not discounting the seriousness of the deaths due to bad weather, I sometimes imagine that the reality is not as deadly as what I see on TV.

This might sound perverse, but I would like to experience a snowstorm or tornado or earthquake. While I have had some scary experiences, including being in a few car accidents and turbulent flights, I think those are all rather tame. And so, I think my life has been rather bland. Thus, I want to experience the indifferent killing power of nature. To spice up the blandness.