Now, i don't follow Nirvana, so I'm quite sure the title of this song can be proved to be "You Know You're Right". With this title, and the refrain of this line serving as the chorus, you're given the impression that Kurt is almost acknowledging a voice, internal or external. A kind of reply which would seem to follow a comment like:

"Look at the sorry shape your life is in, man."

*Brief pause*
"You know, you're right."

So much imagery in these lyrics suggests a broken man, turning away. Trudging slowly into an earned space of non-existence.

Or perhaps the title refers to anger at someone's stubborness, maybe his own. "He/she/it is always, right, damnit". It's a source of constrant frustration, this thing's infallibility. Either way, if the title is "you're know you're right", I'm left with a feeling of exhaustion; of resignation. The kind that fills those leaving behind a lie or giving up a fight.

But i noted this nodeshell. and it got me thinking, what if this IS the correct title of this song? What if the refrain is actually, "You Know Your Right"? This subtle transition from contraction to pronoun changes everything.

This song is no longer a white flag of surrender. It's a call to arms. It's the sudden dawning of a very personal revolution. He will never bother, promise, or follow you again, to paraphrase. "If I speak a word again / I will crawl away for good". This is an ultimatum. To me, he doesn't seem to be wanting to go crawling anywhere.

And then, a thought appears - somewhere inside it focuses into clarity, in the space between blinks. "No thought was put into this. / I always knew it'd come to this." He knows now, it is his right. It is his destiny. He's "never failed to feel pain". Like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining, he's always been here, in this moment. And what comes next is his right, given to him by his birth.

Yet I don't think this is in any meant to prophecy his death. Although, it definitely could be eluding to suicide, I think that if the title is "You Know Your Right", this song was meant as a closing of a chapter in time. This song was about severe transition and upheaval.

But that's just my opinion, I could be on drugs.