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Hi, e2. Been a while. Likely to be a while longer, too, if ever; I am in the final approach, the last lap; more prosaically, I am almost finished with the courses I need to sit for the CPA exam this April. Just two more this spring: the intermediate accounting course I failed through not having the intertubes at home so that I could do the homework, and a business law that I failed horribly for what boil down to communications problems. So between those courses, the Becker CPA exam review courses (which are the equivalent of another three college classes, except more intense) and about twenty hours a week in the tax mines - for that season has come again - I am going to be hard put to it to get the bottom of Maslow's pyramid attended to, much less have time for fun and frivolity.

Which is really what e2 is for me, really; it's a place for writing that is too serious and yet not personal enough for my livejournal while being entirely too long for Facebook. There'll be precious little time for that until May.

Even then, will I be coming back? I am very aware of the reasons auspice and misterfuffie chose to walk away from their responsibilities and the nodegel, but I am not involved in staff, will never be involved in staff, and have less than no interest in the governance of the site except as it affects me and mine. Which it has, and therein lies the problem; my ties to auspice are considerably deeper than those I have to e2, and I understand completely her decision to shut the door on e2 and move on. It smells slightly of disloyalty to continue posting here, and we have always been sensitive to issues of loyalty in this family. That having been said, I've made friends here on e2, friends I'm in contact with outside the site, and am not sure whether I should pass up the chance to make others.

I'll get back to y'all on that.