A premium brand of cotton menstrual pads manufactured in Vancouver, BC. They're shaped like conventional curved disposable pads, which most cotton pads aren't, and are made with bright colours (they also come in unbleached organic cotton if you'd rather.) and fuzzy cotton fleece.

-Very very very very comfortable and fuzzy. They feel like wearing pyjamas.
-Breathable - beats the crap out of sweating in plastic pads.
-In the long term, cheaper. A box of plastic pads is Cdn$7, every month. These pads pay for themselves after roughly a year of use, and you can expect them to last much longer than a year.
-Better for the environment, in that they're reusable for years and biodegradable in the end.
-They come in non-pink colours, thank god.
-Good for travelling to places where disposable pads are hard to find - like, much of europe and asia.

-Expensive in the short term - they range in price from Cdn$7 - $15, you need about 8-12 of them. But since they last for years, this is only a short-term issue.
-You have to wash them. Not a big deal - rinse, toss in laundry hamper, machine wash, end of story, but still more effort than throwing them out.
-Potentially awkward at work or away from home - you have to remember to bring a ziplock bag or something to carry used ones home in. A couple of companies make opaque carry pouches for them if that doesn't appeal.
-The "I feel like a hippie" syndrome. I find that the leopard print kind gets rid of this feeling.

I was amused when someone asked me how you sterilize them. Hee, like how often do you sterilize your underwear? People who are afraid of their own body are weird.