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everyone always told me to think outside the box and now i can't stop thinking my way out of whatever box was outside the box i just thought my way out of.. (God being the one box I can't think my way into and therefore out of)

I'm more interested in what other people think about various abstract ideas than in offending anyone or inviting others to offend me. However, if you find me offensive and you think others would benefit from your insight into my offensive nature, msg me your thoughts and i will post them here in my home node so that noone else should have to derive your conclusions themselves.

Why are there so many israelis on e2?

Here are my dead writeups: (some of them are admittedly awful.. but some i liked and i think they were nuked for no reason)

vwls - wht r thy gd fr? (thing)
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n m hmbl pnn, Hbrw's dffrnt bcs thr r nspkn gdlns fr hw t spk/rd th wrds whn th vwls rnt thr. Rdng hbrw nvlvs mch mr mmrztn, bng nn ntv hbrw spkr mslf mks m ntc ths mr.

Smthn mr crz s th fct tht bk whn Grk ws wrttn wtht vwls t ws wrtn wtht spcs s wll! (S wr thr lnggs lk Hbrw.) t ws ls wrttn lft t rt n ln, n thn rt t lft th nxt ln, t rptd lk ths bk n frth crss th pg. Ths ws clld bstrphdn.

Hr s n xmpl:

Hr s th xmpl wth vwls xpndd:
ts stll dffclt t rd.

chrs! ;)

Why do Irons crease my shirts better than they uncrease them? (idea)
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Irons are designed to flatten clothes out, right? Because the clothes get all creased when you wash/wear them, right? Well, how come when ironing, admittedly poorly, I'm more likely to crease a shirt than I am to flatten it out? More to the point, how come if I crease the shirt by ironing it poorly, it's impossible to completely uncrease, even with further ironing?

Something tells me it is a very deep metaphor bordering on the archetypal. Kind of like nuclear bombs are designed to prevent war and death.. and yet they are a cause of just such attrocities.

But in the case of the iron it's like a stage beyond even that. It can do more harm than good?? Or perhaps I'm looking at it all wrong. If I iron it for long enough, even ironed-in pleats will eventually disappear, in theory. So we are back to the archetypal once again. Evil is more quickly accomplished than good. And, unless the shirt is burned, no amount of bad ironing cannot be undone given a significantly longer bout of good ironing.

So, the iron may be a simple household implement, but it can't stop me coaxing profundities from its mundanity:

  • Anything that does good can do evil.
  • Evil can go from 0-60 faster than good.
  • Evil has a shorter shelf life.

Source: My iron.. it told me everything.
Note: It's technically not my iron, it's my roommate danny's iron. But it chose me over him, he wasn't worthy.
Addendum: one iron was slightly injured in the making of this writeup. (I dropped it and a little plastic tab broke off. I told danny. He forgave me.)

This sentence is in Spanish while you're not looking (idea)
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There is another potential problem in the fabric of subjective reality. What if photographs or any other record of any information is sort of like a subjective window on that point in time space. In other words, what if a photograph were technically changing all the time, but the scene it was observing @ that place and moment in time was static. Therefore, if something were dynamic and not purely dependent on time and space, it might still change, even after it were photographed or otherwise recorded.

this would of course drastically change the nature of reality.. .. or would it?

This might be possible to experimentally test by recording a record of a record and so on.. but i can't see how one could violate these rules and prove conclusively that this isn't the nature of reality, unless we found an extra dimension with which to work.

Everything as a biographical database (idea)
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The Everyone Biographical Database could also be set up along the lines of a global Family Tree.

Most Likely, if you look on a broad enough scale, Everyone is related in one big Family Tree. Even better, if you knew about the physical attributes of the people listed, as well as their major personality traits, you could do very interesting studies of inherited traits and tendencies.

You could eventually use this in an Amazonian 'people who bout this also bought'-fashion which would speed up the development of the Everyone Family Tree by offering guesses based on limited information. This would give the data entry people the ability to select the parents of a particular person to be entered. Then they might get a form with, among other things, a dropdown menu for eye color that would have green preselected (if thats what it guessed) and then the user could pull up brown or blue or whatever if the guess was wrong. This could apply to personality and behavior as well, like guessing the personality type, introversion/extroversion, food preferences etc.

For fun you could write an application for the Everything Family Tree that would generate every permutation of children that might likely result from the union of any two people in the tree. This could be interesting and scary. You could do what ifs like what if Jay Leno and Conan O'brien had a love child. She might be a humongous, super-pale, big-chinned, car fetishist or a short, scrawny, thick-haired, freckled Harvard graduate. Or she might inherit features from either of their ancestors seemingly absent in both of them. (Now that I think about it, this idea must have somehow originated with the skit of similar name that is sometimes featured on Late Night with Conan O'brien)

It wouldn't be Big Brother if Everyone knew Everything about Everyone; then its more like a levelling force.

and I'm sure this is
only just the beginning..
of all my words which
klaproth loves to gobble up
in silence.
stay tuned.

there is so much (much more than you would ever want to know) @ there's no point in bringing it up here.