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Band from Denver, Colorado.

Frontman David Eugene Edwards is the grandson of a preacher of the Nazarene church. His mission is to obey God- and God has told him to make music. His lyrics are full of hellfire and burning bushes, with guilt, sin and temptation as the main themes. Bible quotes abound. Edwards, who sings and plays guitar, banjo, accordion and organ, met drummer Jean-Yves Tola during his job as builder of filmsets in Hollywood. Los Angeles life didn't agree with his views on morality and religion though, so he moved back to Denver. Tola joined him there and together with bassist Pascal Humbert they formed 16 Horsepower.

Their music has been described as 'the missing link between Hank Williams and Joy Division'. It's a mixture of punk rock and country music, very intense and haunting and a bit scary.

16 Horsepower have published five albums so far:

and a host of singles and EP's. Go listen. They're good.

As an appetizer, the lyrics for Brimstone Rock!

listen closely to me now my darlin' girl
there's one who's out to have you
an jus' his breath will burn your curls
don't you fret you needn't bother don't you fret
here comes the father yet
whatcha doin' up atop my roof
creepin' 'cross them shingles
you 'bout scared me half to death girl
what's your name ruthie lingle
oye i heard your talkin'
that little jesus geek need
a good ass good ass clockin'
oye i seen your mockin'
don't you dare boy - think my lord
hath done forgotten no
i beseech the lord clear my head
before once again i scar the soul
of that girl in my bed
o lord clear my bed for once again i
scar the soul of that girl in my head
revenge is mine saith the lord

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