Finally five days after The frabjous funky frozen Twin Cities E2 whirling festival of doom transpired, I am here to node about it. We have all heard about girlface and Chaboud 's unsuccessful attempt to make the gathering, but here for you now, is the first hand report from one of the participants in the gathering.

I awoke Saturday morning at 6 and proceded to do my routine morning rituals in preparation for the upcoming pilgrimage. I hit the road at 7:30 and started my westward journey on Highway 29. The drive from Green Bay to Minneapolis is one of the most boring stretches of highway on the planet. It is flat, straight, and very easy to fall asleep at, which makes arriving at your destination all the more enjoyable.

Since the actual driving there is rather null, there isn't a lot of things to touch on. Things of note however were: the Wal*Mart truck overturned in the ditch, 70 MPH winds attempting to blow me off the highway, and the camper that caught fire and almost took out a tour bus.

Upon arrival in the Twin Cities, I took the Hennepin exit and then proceded to go south instead of north. Having 'Breathless' by The Corrs on the radio at the time, in addition to it downpouring, made me attempting to find a place to pull a u-turn, a little irratable. Cursing and careening around the road, I finally achieved northbound lane status. I pulled into the parking lot of the museum and was told to pay four dollars. Using my checkcard to procure gas and snacks/drinks, I had three dollar bills on me. I had to scrounge my car to find the remaining dollar in coins. 93 cents is the best I could come up with, and he mercifully let me pass into the lot. Bless his heart.

In the rain, I walked down to the giant coke spoon with the cherry in it, and saw a tall fellow walking about looking like a noder. He just had the look of a noder (Someone who doesn't belong out of their house very often, pale, etc). He also had a huge Afro. I walked towards him, introduced myself as Mitchevious, and he as qousqous. We chatted for an half hour or so, and then proceded inside.

Once inside, we loitered in the doorway, and were eventually approached by another, taller than qousqous fellow named John. John introduced himself as Lactic.Acid, and qousqous and myself in turn introduced ourselves. We decided to stand aound for a half hour or so, before exploring the museum.

Notes from the museum were the Yoko Ono exhibit, which in humble opinion was very strange, and proved she took many drugs in her time. Some other artists were featured, including some crazy shit with a big nose, wearing a gown, and pushing big paint brushes through a wall with his crotch. Very bizarre . . . ask Lactic.Acid.

About two or so hours later, we stumbled across a guy holding a sign saying 'local noders' on it wandering aimlessly throughout the first floor concourse. Ack! We've found litmus. He was tall too, and I was starting to feel awash in a sea of giants. We wandered around for a bit, and then finally decided to head to Buco fo our dinner. We were four strong, and we had half of what we expected. Still no word from AmoebaProtazoa, girlface, or the unkown to me Chaboud; this was most disconcerting.

Driving to the restaurant was to be more of a challenge than previously expected. With qousqous and myself in my car, litmus and Lactic.Acid in his truck, we set out from the museum, and drove towards the restaurant. However, we were seperated, and we hadn't a clue how or when they would arrive. qousqous and myself set up posts on each corner of the block that the restaurant was on. No sightings.

Alas, as we were about to go inside the place, the two noders come strutting across the road. Together again, us four went inside and qousqous talked to the host. Some goon then asked Chris (qous) if his last name was Chetti or something. Chris said no, and we sat down. I sat next to the guy who asked the question, and then turned to litmus and said 'all we need are now is girlface and AmoebaProtazoa. The goon then proclaimed 'That's me!'. The fifth and final link of our journey was found! We sat around waiting for girlface and the other guy, but alas, they never showed. We proceded to eat.

We ate two huge dishes of eggplant and spaghetti and meatballs, some tiramisu that was spiked with rum, and a tomato garlic thing. We gossiped about April Troll's Day, dannye, clearpebbles/redboot/cureobsession fiasco, and other such E2 related events.

Two hours later, woth full stomachs, a light hearted rum induced buzz, and a bunch of leftovers, we parted ways, and I started my journey back home.

I would say that we need to have someone other than qousqous organize the next midwestern noder get together. However, it was good to see the faces behind some of the more infamous nodes on E2. It was frabjous!

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