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like a moth to a flame I gravitate around your flashback
I met you ( or was it the other way around?)
like an old attic haunted by bats and weaved with spiderwebs
in desperate need of a cleaning spree.

General Disposition took my hand and sewed my broken tissue with titanium
grabbed his stitches and mended all the scars
(after all, scar tissue is stronger) -
don't you know that new wings take some time to dry before they sprout in flight?

but 'twas the ghosts that kept whispering inside my ears
" run, hide, go away! this story has to be written
with ink drawn from your tears, just like before!"

is it better to be safe than sorry?
be gone and I won't see you -
I've got anathema written in my genome

with the most honest shirt to wear,
I don't know who'd crave with more ardor than myself,
your vowels and your consonants whilst
calling me "wicked!"


6th of August, 1945.

Okay, so these girl twins fly through space and time in a hot tub. They're looking for this small town on the coast, but not that town. Nobody wants to go to that town.

"Blow me!" the one says to the other. "That never happened!"

The train passes through the scrublands.

The camera passes over the classic American western landscape. The town sign, looks like some five-year-old painted it, reads, Welcome to Blow Job Yap! Population 911.

The usual old west townsfolk gather and sing this song, to something that might be the tune of "Christmas Comes But Once a Year":

Welcome to the town of Blow Job Yap!
Blow Job Yap! Full of Crap!
Welcome to the Town of Blow Job Yap!
This is Blow Job Yap!

The preacher pulls out a trumpet. The town doctor begins a tap-dancing solo.

I look for the exits.

This has been a weird day on the emotional roller coaster. Woke up feeling kind of bleh, got better throughout the day as I worked on things, and by the time I got to tax class I was fuckin' pumped.

That lasted exactly as long as it took to score the exam. I scored a 56. It's the worst I've done on any test since I started working toward my CPA. Every single question that dealt with figuring basis and taxable income from partnerships and Subchapter S corporations: wrong. I completely screwed the pooch. Except for the extra credit question, which I somehow managed to get right. So I got a 56 instead of a 52. Sorry, no damn curve is going to save that - maybe I'll get a D instead of an E. Fuck.

And tomorrow is the final, which I thought was next week. I'm not ready. I'll need to pull at least an 80 on the final, and for the first time in a long time, I don't think I'm going to be able to pull it out. Still, nothing for it but to review the notes, get a good night's sleep, and take my time tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, it'll all fall into place.

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