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This is a short description of some "skills" in the board game Blood Bowl. These skills are part of the extra Big Guys rules for Blood Bowl. See Blood Bowl Skill List for more Blood Bowl skills.

Always Hungry

A player who is Always Hungry (typically Minotaurs and Trolls) will eat anything. If he attempts to use the Throw Team Mate skill, he must roll a d6. On a roll of 2+, the throw works as normal, but on a roll of 1, the hungry player realizes how yummy the little creature in his hand looks. Another d6 must be rolled. On another 1, the poor little creature is promptly eaten (cross him off the team list). Any other result means the unfortunate has managed to get away, and should be placed prone in a randomly chosen adjacent square. If this square is occupied, the player there is pushed back and knocked over.

Bone Head

A Bone Head (typically Ogres) must roll a d6 before taking any action. On a 1, the player stands around pondering what he should do. No action can be done, and the player will have no Tackle Zone until he rolls something better than a 1 at the beginning of his turn.

In addition, a Bone Head must always take his action last in the team, unless there's an adjacent, friendly player without Bone Head or Really Stupid that can tell him what to do.

Off For A Bite

A player with this skill (typically Vampires) must be rolled for at the start of each drive. On a 1-3 (on a d6) he cannot be fielded, as he has disappeared into the crowds for a quick snack (a beautiful maiden he spotted...)

Really Stupid

This skill (typically Trolls) work just like Bone Head, except the player cannot take his action on a 1-3. If there is a friendly, non-Bone Head, non-Stupid player adjacent, treat the Really Stupid player as a Bone Head for this purpose (loses action on a 1).

In addition, a Really Stupid player must take their action last, even if being accompanied by a cleverer being.

Take Root

Roll a d6 for each player with this skill (typically Tree Men) before the match starts. On a roll of 1-3, the player is slumbering in the nearest forest, and cannot be used this match. Personal note: Ouch. Remember to put twice as many than you need of these in your team...

Wild Animal

Wild Animals (typically Rat Ogres and Minotaurs) get a bit carried away. Wild Animals must always take their actions first in your team turn; moving a Wild Animal after a non-wild player is an Illegal Procedure.

Before taking an action with a Wild Animal, the coach must roll a d6. On a 2+, the action can be performed as normal. On a 1, the player goes berserk. A berserk player immediately drops the ball if he has it, which is a turnover at the end of his turn. The player then proceeds to block the nearest player, friend or foe, as a frenzied Blitz. This spends the teams Blitz Action, although other Wild Animals may still Blitz. The Wild Animal will always go for enemy players first, if no friendly players are closer. If there is still a choice, it should be made randomly.

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