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A very pleasant digital camera from Olympus, sporting a f2.8 6.5-19.5 mm lens, 3.3 Mpixels resulting in a (maximum) 2048x1536 picture. The C3030-ZOOM also has an integrated microphone and is capable of recording up to 75 seconds of compressed video. It also has an LCD viewfinder, TV-out, and room for up to 64 MB smartmedia cards. The color balance is quite good, but the flash is exceptionally white and cold.

On its most conservative setting, 640x480 JPG SQ2, a 64 MB smartmedia card stores 650 pictures from the C3030. Unfortunately, this setting produces pictures fit only as textures in 3D or as web thumbnails. On the most agressive setting, 2048x1536 TIFF, the same 64 MB card will store six(6) pictures. If you walk around with a USB-bapable computer strapped around your neck, this might be OK, but otherwise be prepared to tolerate some lossy compression.

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