"Cannibal: The Musical" was the video title of the film, the working title was "Alferd Packer: The Musical."

Featuring such beautifully twisted ditties as "Hang the Bastard", "It's a Shpadoinkle Day", and "Let's Build a Snowman", Cannibal: The Musical is a stroke of comedic genius distributed by Troma, of course. Trey Parker (listed as Juan Schwartz), of South Park fame, stars as Alfred Packer, a figure from Colorado history who was convicted of cannibalism after arriving without his party at his destination. The mutilated/half-eaten bodies of his crew were later found on the trail.

As explained by Trey, the film was kind of a response to the dumping he received from his long-time girlfriend, Lianne- also the name of the horse that he later lets go of.

The amazingly minute staff resulted in a lot of double-rolling. Actors as DPs, script supervisors, etc. Thought low budget, their hard work pays off in this oddly humorous soon-to-be cult classic.

Also starring in the movie/musical is Matt Stone (also from South Park), Dian Bachar (Orgazmo, BASEketball, etc), Jason McHugh, Ian Hardin, Jon Hegel, and Toddy Walters.

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