A small Amsterdam coffeeshop, found near the centre of town, at Haarlemmerstraat 6. It is open between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00 and makes a good beginning for the exploration of Haarlemmerstraat and the surroundings, or as a place for some contemplation before, or after, visiting the cinema down the other end of the street.


Crammed in right at the beginning of the marathonesque Haarlemmerstraat, Coffeshop Picasso does not pretend to be anything it isn't. On walking in from the street the first thing seen is the steep, steep stairs climbing to the second floor, which is really more like a very large balcony. Turn to your right and the counter and a couple of tables are seen. I seem to recall a lot of natural wood, with an overwhelming sense of yellow for the downstairs - possibly from the sun streaming in through the large, plate glass window.

Upstairs there is more room. Three or four tables, normally complete with board games, provide ample seating. The walls are painted to give a brickwork effect, and someone has drawn some decent pictures on them. Upstairs is darker, and there is a television, and video, for use by the public. Opposite the stairs down, is another set, spiralling up to the third floor, where the toilets are found.

I did not use the toilets, but do recall complaints of the steep twisty stairs up to them. Quite a scary experience, apparently.

What Can I Get There?

Obviously the menu will change, but The Coffeeshop Picasso seems to specialise in hashish. Mainly imported - they won the Imported section of the Cannabis Cup with their Nepelese Temple Balls - but also with some homemade stuff. They also have some grass available, but the selection is not the largest that can be found, however their Northern Lights was also a winner in one of the Cannabis Cups. But saying that, the prices are fair, the people are friendly - and the Rabbat Hashish is good.

On a non-intoxicating note they sell all the usual Looza juices, but they also sell a gorgeous organic apple juice. They also sell a selection of munchies, and also provide a free breakfast between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00 - though what this is, remains to be seen (next time I am across there, I will see).

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