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ESPN's Saturday morning college football preview show. The show used to be done in a studio, but since 1993 has mostly been broadcast on-location outside the stadium of the week's biggest game. The show is hosted by Chris Fowler, with analysts Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. It's broken down into taped segments and live segments at the on-location outside studio.

GameDay broadcasts take on the feeling of a rock concert or parade. Hundreds (if not more) of fans show up with banners and signs. The host school's cheerleaders and band are often present.

Having just come from the GameDay broadcast here (in Gainesville, for the Tennessee at Florida game), I can tell you it's a giant celebration and alot of fun.

There is also a radio version of College GameDay on ESPN Radio, but it's lacking in the hoopla and chaos of the cable version.

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