This recipe comes to me from a nameless friend that spent a little time in the slammer. All the supplies can be bought in the local jail house store. Good food is hard to come by in prison apparently. Make do with what you have!


1 package of beef and cheddar stick. (any brand)
1 package of beef ramen noodle soup.


hot water.
Ziplock, or generic brand freezer bag.
rubber band(s).


1. Crush contents of ramen noodle soup package.

2. Open package and place noodles inside of the freezer bag.

3. Pour contents of ramen flavor packet into the bag.

4. Open beef and cheddar stick.

5. Slice the beef stick into inch thick slices.

6. Slice the cheese stick into very thin slices.

7. Add your beef and your cheddar into the bag.

8. Pour hot water into the bag, fill until your dry ingredients are covered.

9. Twist the contents into the corner of the the bag so it forms a ball and tie with your rubber band.

10. Let sit for 5-10 minutes

Remove the rubber bands and you should have your beef and cheddar soup inside your nifty freezer bag bowl. Now all you need is a spoon!


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