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Duxelles, a basic French preparation, can be used as a garnish, stuffing, or sauce. The ingredients of duxelles include mushroom, onion, and shallot. These are finely chopped and sautéed in butter.

Duxelles is traditionally used in egg or veal dishes. But, it is versatile and can be used with anything from chicken to pork.

Instructions for making a basic duxelles:

Now what?

How to turn duxelles into a sauce:

Using duxelles as a stuffing is quite easy. Use a small knife to cut a hole in one end of a chicken breast, veal or pork chop. The hole should be at least the depth of the knife. Insert two fingers and widen the hole. Using the same two fingers push the duxelles in.

Duxelles can be enhanced by the addition of several ingredients. These ingredients have flavour complementary to mushrooms and onions.

*Stock selection is very important. It is wise to choose a stock that will compliment your main ingredient. When using beef, use a beef stock; chicken, chicken stock; etc.

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