Located on the western half of Long Island. Home of Hofstra University. Where my grandparents resided, and where my mother grew up. Part of the suburban revolution, a frontier during the 50's. Home of many celebrities, and scandels. I mean Massapequa High School has some hell of an alumni list. Jerry Seinfeld, Mariah Carey, Amy Fisher, Joey Buttafucco, and all of the Baldwin Brothers to just name a few.

Nassau county is located on the Western half of Long Island. There are nice beaches in Nassau county. Nassau county is a combination of suburban and urban areas, although some small farms still persist despite the high cost of land there.

Insofar as Nassau county is known elsewhere in the United States (not really very far) it is for two things, both negative. One is Nassau county's fiscal crisis, which occured near the end of the twentieth century while the economy was still booming. The other is the infamous condition of the Nassau County Jail, which was investigated by the Justice department in the same period.

If you are by some strange twist of fate forced to spend some time in Nassau County, here are some things you may want to check out:

Personally, I just recommend that you get the hell out of Nassau and spend some time in New York City.

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