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To search and find every female artist that did not get the recognition she deserved and write about her.
A little bit of everything, and a whole lot of nothing.
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I have recently gained interest in female artists from the 15th century to present day, I have been doing a lot of research on these artists, and I hope that I can give them the credit the deserve. I have been getting advice on how to write these properly from several people (You know who you are) and I would like to thank them. I believe it has helped to improve my write-ups that pertain to people. I am concentrating primarily on 15th and 16th century artists for right now. As I find different artists to write about, I will node them.

For a list of these artists, please read this node......... Lesser known female artists

SharQ sez.. Oh, congrats, you made it onto my homenode.

Where do I start, I'm 37 years old, Happily Married to Harmony. We met on the internet in 1996, since we met I have learned to help with her Bipolar disorder and some other mental health issues. We have a great relationship and we have a lot of great friends both online and offline. We live in South East Missouri in a little place 10 miles from anything. I hope to learn a lot from the great people here at E2.

I have met some very nice people here...

  • Lord Brawl, Thank you for your guidance and suggestions on my write-ups, The C! on my Lesser known female artists means a lot to me. :)
  • skybluefusion Thank your for showing me E2 and for all of your knowledge. And thank you for the C!'s
  • DylanDog Thanks for the C! on my Lesser known female artists node :)
  • dannye,skybluefusion Thank you for the C! on the November 7, 2004 write-up. That was one of the hardest write-ups I will ever write.
  • doyle, olmanrvr, drownzsurf, Rancid_Pickle,skybluefusion Thank you for the C! on my dad's obituary that I posted on November 15, 2004 ... I will miss him.
  • Zach,skybluefusion, gwenllian Thank you for reading and C!ing my November 22, 2004 write up. It was something I had to get out of me to help me heal.
  • wertperch I have only spoke to you a few times, but you have done much for Harmony's self esteem, for that I thank you.
  • RACECAR My new buddy from my home state. We got to get to a cubs game someday, just to be bleacher bums! And thank you for the C!
  • Transitional Man Thanks for inviting me into gearheads, It is a great group of people.
  • drownzsurf Thanks for taking the time to read my write-ups and for being such a nice gent. And thanks for the C!'s
  • jessicapierce Thanks for the wonderful chats filled with memories of my childhood. and for the C!
  • Lometa You are a wonderful person, your write ups are great, I enjoyed reading them. And thank you for the C!
  • SharQ Thank you for your knowledge and guidance and for the node audit. Most of all, Thank you for all those C!'s Always nice to see your name on the C!
  • Fraun Thank you for putting up with my endless questions, and being kind enough to answer them too.
  • riverrun Thank you for all of your guidance on my Suzanne Valadon Write up, you helped to make it much better. And thank you for the C!, it is truly appreciated.
  • Jet-Poop Thanks for the C! on my Wappapello Lake node. :) I apprecitate it very much.
  • Wiccanpiper Very nice to finally meet you, I hope you enjoy my write ups, I have enjoyed yours. Thank you for the C!s :)
  • aneurin We haven't offically met yet, but I appreciate the C!'s, I hope you enjoyed my w/u's.
  • anthropod, Thank you so much for your guidance on my Lavinia Fontana w/u, You showed me how to properly format w/u's about people, and I appreciate it. And thank you so much for the C!'s
  • GrouchyOldMan Thanks for the type-o alert, I am glad you liked my w/u, thank you so much for the C!s
  • Cletus the Foetus Thank you so much for your guidance, I feel honored when upper level noders take time to help me improve my write-ups. and Thank you for the C!
  • TheLady Thank you for the C!, I have enjoyed many of your Recipe write-ups. Nice to finally speak to you :)
  • JudyT Thank you for the C! on my Lavinia Fontana w/u, I hope that you, and everybody else on E2 enjoys reading about the lesser known female artists of the 15ht, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. It was nice to meet you too :)
  • ReiToei, Thank you for the C! on my Louisa Ignacia Roldán w/u, I appreciate it very much. And it was nice to meet you.
  • IndigoSky Thank you for the C! on my Judith Leyster w/u, I hope you enjoyed it, and the rest of my w/u's about the lesser known female artists. :)
  • avalyn, Thanks for the wonderful comments, and for thr C!, I hope you enjoy my work, and I hope your arthritis gets better soon. :)
  • Posmella, Thanks for the C! on my Clara Peeters write-up :)
  • montecarlo, Thank you so much for the C! on my Lesser known female artists, I appreciate it very much :)
  • Timeshredder, Thank you for the C! on my Lesser known female artists I truly appreciate it.
  • iamkaym, Thank you for the C! on my Giulia Lama write-up. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you continue to enjoy my write-ups. :)
  • legbagede It was very nice to finally meet you, I am glad you enjoyed my work enough to ching it. Thank you very much.
  • BlueDragon, Thank you for the C! on Vanessa Bell. I am glad you liked it. :)

 I hope to improve my writing skills here, I welcome all constructive comments on my posts. I hope to be around here for a long time.

Special thanks to my mentor Smileloki. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to help me learn what I need to learn, it truly is appreciated. :) And thank you for the C!'s

Harmony you are the love of my life, you mean the world to me. As we walk through life hand in hand, there is nothing that we can't accomplish together! We will be old and grey and sitting on our front porch in our rocking chairs, still trying to find something to do a write up on LOL.

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5C! November 15, 2004 1
2C! November 7, 2004 2
3C! November 22, 2004 3
April 3, 2005 (tied) 4
1C! December 24, 2004 (tied) 4

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1 Boogie Freaks 1C!
2 Big Daddy Don Garlits 1C!
3 (tied) Barbara Longhi 1C!
3 (tied) Hercules Brabazon Brabazon 1C!
5 Abilify 2C!

5 Highest Goodness Writeups
7C! Lesser known female artists (tied) 1
2C! Clara Peeters (tied) 1
3C! Vanessa Bell (tied) 1
1C! Caterina van Hemessen (tied) 1
2C! Frances "Fanny" Palmer (tied) 1
2C! Lavinia Fontana (tied) 1
2C! Elisabetta Sirani (tied) 1
1C! Taste of Chicago (tied) 1
2C! Adelaide Labille-Guiard (tied) 1
3C! Dora Carrington (tied) 1
1C! Maria Sibylla Merian (tied) 1
1C! Lodi, Wisconsin (tied) 1
2C! Sofonisba Anguissola (tied) 1
1C! Constance Mayer (tied) 1
1C! Stress and exercise (tied) 1
2C! Levina Teerlinc (tied) 1
1C! Marie-Rosalie Bonheur (tied) 1
1C! Maria Cosway (tied) 1
1C! Regulated breathing (tied) 1
2C! Mary Beale (tied) 1
1C! Intermittent claudication (tied) 1
1C! Louisa Ignacia Roldán (tied) 1
1C! Josefa de Obidos (tied) 1
1C! Plautilla Bricci (tied) 1
1C! Baraboo, Wisconsin (tied) 1
1C! Marguerite Gérard (tied) 1
1C! Brookfield Zoo (tied) 1
1C! Rosalba Carriera (tied) 1
1C! Maria Blanchard (tied) 1
1C! Bootheel Youth Museum (tied) 1
1C! Hayward, Wisconsin (tied) 1
1C! Wappapello Lake (tied) 1
1C! Santa's Village (tied) 1
1C! Fede Galizia (tied) 1
1C! David Smith (tied) 1
2C! Dog n Suds (tied) 1
1C! Harriet Hosmer (tied) 1
1C! Bluff Falls Water Park (tied) 1
1C! Maria Martinez (tied) 1
2C! Judith Leyster (tied) 1
1C! Barbara Longhi (tied) 1
1C! Big Daddy Don Garlits (tied) 1
1C! Boogie Freaks (tied) 1

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1 April 3, 2005
2 Veggie pizza appetizer 1C!
3 I miss you 1C!
4 December 24, 2004 1C!
5 The best date I never had 2C!

5 Most Reputable Writeups
5C! November 15, 2004 1
2C! November 7, 2004 2
7C! Lesser known female artists 3
3C! November 22, 2004 4
2C! Clara Peeters 5

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 April 3, 2005
2 Veggie pizza appetizer 1C!
3 Boogie Freaks 1C!
4 Abilify 2C!
5 (tied) I miss you 1C!
5 (tied) Guided imagery 2C!
5 (tied) Hercules Brabazon Brabazon 1C!