This is Death. He's just this guy.

Death Gets A Website ( is a one-panel webcomic strip run by one Samuel Marcus, an Oberlin College student with arguably too much time on his hands.

The premise of the comic is simple yet hilarious: Death is not immune to the human condition. Marcus has an amazing knack for social commentary, turning what to us is ordinary into something far more absurd by making his main character the anthropomorphic construct of Death as the Grim Reaper. Some ingenious examples include:

All in all, there are 37 of the comics (the topics generally have a college-age bent, reflecting their creator) at the website. You can buy an autographed poster for $10 from the website with most of the comics on it. I'm not exactly sure if Sam is still updating the site on a regular basis (or any basis at all), since there are no publishing dates on the website except for some dated copyright years.

Update: I received my poster from Sam as promised, and it is delightful! MALTP informs me that this appears in The Skinny, the 3rd largest publication at Oberlin. Which also makes it the smallest. Go figure.

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