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Inhaling nitrous can be a zenlike experience. Its legal to buy nitrous oxide in its pure form and its legal to sell it as well. You can purchase nitrous oxide capsules at your local head shop. In order to inhale nitrous, you'll need a few accessories.

1. A balloon. No, not the kiddie balloons you can buy in the supermarket. The balloons you will need are the heavy-duty type you will have to purchase at a head shop with the nitrous capsules. The balloons will usually have a loop or "nipple" at the end, occasionally being accompanied by a rubber band.

2. A cracker. Sometimes called an opener as well, these aluminum, sometimes brass, devices are used to puncture a small hole through one end of the capsule and then release the gas inside directly into a balloon.

SIDENOTE: DO NOT TRY TO INHALE THE NITROUS DIRECTLY FROM THE CAPSULE. I've seen people do this before, but I have to tell you, it squicked me. Can be hazardous to your health.

3. Entertainment. Some really trippy music or images to watch on a television or computer monitor will be perfect. While under the influence of nitrous, sounds have a tendency to echo and images seem to echo as well, if that makes any sense to you sober people.

If you have all these, you're ready to do a nitrous balloon. Insert a capsule into the cracker so the place where you puncture the hole in the capsule is pointing towards the spike inside the cracker itself. Close the cracker, but do NOT start to twist it. Attach a balloon on the end of the cracker where the hole is and make sure its secured tightly or else the balloon could get blown off or pop. Twist the cracker until you feel a bit of resistence, than slowly untwist it, releasing the gas into the balloon. Once the gas flow stops, pinch the balloon shut with your fingers and detach the balloon from the cracker. Be careful in the process of making the balloon not to freeze burn your skin or the balloon as the nitrous gas is rather freezing when released from the capsule.

Now, some people will argue that you should take some deep breaths before you start to inhale the gas so you open up your lungs more. You can do this if you like, though its not required. Secure your lips around the hole in the balloon and just breathe normally, making sure to look at the images or listen to the music. Eventually, after a few breaths, you will start to feel the effects. If the effects get too strong, stop inhaling and take deep breaths through your nose, enjoying what's going on around you. Continue when you feel you can until there's no gas left in the balloon or you start to come down from the short trip.

After you've done the balloon, take a few minutes to get oxygen back into your lungs, then go again. Be sure to LISTEN to your body. If its telling you to stop, then STOP. I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you if you follow the directions in this node... well maybe the good things ;)

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Doing nitrous (AkA hippie crack) is hazardous to your health whether you inhale straight from the cracker thing or use something like a balloon as a buffer. But, since we're on the subject...

Doing nitrous from a balloon is certainly the most common method but not the only (or even the best) one. You may also use a refillable whipped cream canister available at any kitchen/cooking needs store (your granny may already have one, as may your work if you work at a bake shop.) This is what the capsules of nitrous were actually made for; to add that burst of aerosol needed to create and properly expel the whipped cream from its scratch ingredients when the trigger is pulled.

Since we are not making whipped cream here, don't bother to add any ingredients into the container. Snap the nitrous cartridge thingie into place and stick the applicator between your tightly closed lips.

Breath out heavily and then inhale slowly and as deeply as possible while pressing the trigger. You'll get a huge gust of cold nitrous right down into your lungs; hold it there as long as you can before exhaling. You will start feeling wondrously fucked up even as you're holding that first hit in; be prepared to enjoy this euphoric feeling for all of 30 seconds.

Don't forget to utter a few words during the short-lived peak of the experience, your nitrous enhanced cartoon-like voice is an added treat not to be missed.

As disgusting as you know this is, one hit is never enough. Accept the fact that you'll probably continue these steps until all of your cartridges are laying empty and even then you'll wish you had more.

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