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One of three combined first-year and sophomore dorms at Macalester College. It was built in 1964 and was named after Margaret McGregor Doty, who graduated from the college in 1914 and was the dean of women from 1924 to 1960. Dean Doty’s picture is in the lounge on the first floor and is said to watch over the hall’s residents. The dorm was renovated with new furniture, including lofted beds, in the summer of 2001, which makes Doty rooms some of the most spacious on campus. Doty Hall is connected to Turck Hall via the Fishbowl.

Doty Hall is the only dorm on campus that is entirely co-ed by floor. This results in a different atmosphere in this dorm compared to most others at Macalester. The residents of the female floors “rampage with estrogen,” while the residents of male floors regularly engage in “testosterone-filled chest beating ceremonies,” as described to me by a male Doty resident. One difficulty with the single-sex floors is that when you visit a room of a person of the opposite gender, you must go up or down one to two floors to find a bathroom for the appropriate gender.

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