Sinchan Das

An alternative factual history

Sinchan Das, known to close associates simply as The Doctor, is a true polymath. Not only is Dr. Das an accomplished healer and musician, but also a renowned scientist and a brilliant inventor. His private cell number was on the speed dial of Steve Jobs, who had met The Doctor at a spiritual retreat, and who highly valued The Doctor's unerring gift for design1.

Each of us owes a great debt to The Doctor for his many remarkable accomplishments. As a sworn protector of Earth, The Doctor has prevented many tragedies, often working in secret. The Doctor is an unrivaled Master of Disguise, traveling incognito about the globe to do good works. In North America The Doctor often travels as "China Sands," a perky employee of the U.S. National Park Service. This identity was most notably used after the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Unbeknownst to the general public, this deadly eruption was almost much worse, nearly serving as the trigger for the long-feared devastating eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano2. Fortunately one The Doctor's numerous side interests is plate tectonics and his detailed, if controversial, analysis allowed him to predict the impending cataclysm. In his disguise as China, The Doctor traveled to Yellowstone and soothed the savage volcano gods with a virtuoso performance of classic music. The perfectly wrought tones caused the welling magma to subside and are generally held to have delayed a devastating eruption by at least fifty years. Truly music has charms to soothe the even the savagery of Gaia herself!

So too has The Doctor wrought miracles on the diplomatic stage. Some of the greatest accomplishments of the modern era have been The Doctor's while in disguise as one world leader or another (or in one remarkable instance as two, in a particularly impressive feat3 whose story cannot yet be safely told). Yet the Doctor seeks no recognition for these feats, eschewing the collection of Nobel prizes that would otherwise be his due. Indeed, nearly a dozen of the entries listed in Everything Quests: The Nobel Prize winners are the work of The Doctor in whole or in part.

Even now The Doctor is said to be working on plans for an elaborate carbon sink which will avert the looming climate change crisis4. If it is so, we can rest easy knowing that the unparalleled intellect of the modern era is on the job.

References and sources:

  1. I heard the Jobs story from a guy who works at Google who knows some Apple people who swear it's true.
  2. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is so totally a thing that terrorists wanted to use it. But The Doctor stopped them too!
  3. Even WikiLeaks can't print the details of The Doctor's diplomatic adventures, but one day it will all come out.
  4. A nice young lady raising money for Greenpeace told me about it.

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Dr. Sinchan Das, (Bengali: সিঞ্চন দাস) in other words, "Sangeet Ratna" (সঙ্গীত রত্ন)1, is a physician and a Health scientist. Besides of being a Physician, Dr. Das is also an intent devotee of Indian classical music. He has made himself a successful vocalist of Hindustani classical music. And the most amazing thing is that, Dr. Das is simultaneously efficacious in both fields. Sinchan belongs to the "Rampur Senia" Gharana of Indian classical, built by the Tansen. He is known for the khayal form of singing, as well as for his popular renditions of devotional music (bhajans and Thumri). Nowadays Dr. Das is working with various biological & medical researches and in music therapy. In the field of Indian classical, Dr. Sinchan is the only person of India who is working with the rare raagas. He is a known social worker also.

Dr. Sinchan Das, son of Mr. Harendra nath Das & Dr. Susmita Das, was born on the 3rd day of December of the year 1990. lives in Kolkata. He is not only a reputed homeopathic physician, but also a well known Indian Classical Vocalist. By completing a successful schooling life Dr. Das made the decision to study for medical science. He got admission in P.C.M.H.H.&C, to be a physician. He successfully completed his degree in 2014. Dr. Sinchan Has got various awards and honors for an outstanding edge of knowledge and fantastic thought on medical science & Medical science. Nowdays he is researching Genetics.

Sinchan stepped into the world of music at the age of 5 years. Under the loving tutelage of Koushik Bhattacharjee for a span of 9 years, his fondness for music developed gradually and he made it a major part of his everyday life.

Then Sinchan came into contact with the highly inspirable Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury2 of Rampur Senia Gharana who became his guru in getting intensive talim in Indian Classical Music. Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury. Apart from his keen interest in classical vocal music, Sinchan likes to play the classical instrument Sarod. He is fortunate enough to have Pandit Kamal Mallick as his guru in this respect. Pandit Kamal Mallick, the disciple of Pandit Shyam Ganguly, took his advance talim from the great maestro late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan saheb. His mother herself being a Rabindra Sangeet singer, has been a mentor to him and has given him her valuable support.

His ‘Tantrikari’ (instrumental style) is sufficient to pull the total attention of the whole audience towards him. Gifted with a mellifluous voice & an extraordinary musical talent Sinchan made himself a complete Kheyalist.

Dr. Sinchan Das has received many awards and titles, like Dr Willmer Schwabe Bronze Medal for academic excellence, Dr. S. Sen Memorial Award,Dr. Jnan Chandra Ghosh Memorial Award, Dr. D. N. Bhatia Memorial Award, Dr Samiran Banerjee Memorial Award from London, Dr. Ashok Agarwall Memorial Award, New Delhi, Received Title "MASTER" {Master (naval)} Germany,"Maestro" I.A.H.S, "Sir", Australia, "Chancellor", Croatia, St. Merry Memorial Award, Jerusalem, "Teacher of the Teachers", West Bengal Golden Crown of Merit, Honduras,"Sir Dmitri Mendeleev Mwmorial Award", Russia,"The Red Lion Award" Norway, "The Phoenix Award", Rome, 'Taankar' title, by Pandit Kamal Mallick, 'Taan Samrat' samman,United States,'Sangeet Shiromoni' samman, and many more.

A classicist by training and temperament, Dr. Sinchan Das is renowned for having evolved an approach that sought to achieve a balance between what may be termed as "traditional values" and "mass-culture tastes" and as such he goes on to have supposedly the largest commercially recorded repertoire in Hindustani vocal music. Das's iconic status in the music world has earned him a whole generation of "Tantrikaari" who by merely listening to him have picked up his style and not through any formal tutelage. He had created many raagas as per the need in the therapeutic purpose by the Music, like Raag Bhoop kanara, Mayurdhwani etc.

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