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The tiles in the bathroom kept coming away. I tried to push them back on, but the roots from the plant above me were working their way through.

The tendrils and root hairs stuck to my fingers. I ripped them away and burst into tears.

I flung the tiles around, breaking many things. I poured bleach on the plant, but the plant was me and I was sick.

The plant grew tall, destroying the ceiling and showering me with plaster. I looked up at the now massive tree and felt it's fear and hatred.

I was knocked backwards by a now massive root and I hid under a tile. The tiles now seemed to be bigger than me and they glowed brightly together.

I didn't glow, I shied away from the light and ran from the room into darkness.

This one was strange: I dreamed that I woke up late for work. This scared me so much that I woke up for real. Spooky. Sadly, I remember nothing of my dream-dream.

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I was in some sort of conference or before a lesson or something, and we were split up into two groups for a screening of some sort. I talked to Vivek, an old friend of mine from Kenya, who actually during the last 3 or so years I lived there, was not really a friend, more like an enemy. In the dream we were friends, and I was going to let him sit next to girls in the screening, because I already have a girlfriend.

We went into the room, and the chairs were arranged in a horseshoe. 4 people were already seated; the last two were girls, so I let him pass me and sit next to them. I sat down, and a blonde came and sat next to me. She was not incredibly beautiful, but she wasn't too bad. She has a short white mini-skirt. She lifted it up to show me a tattoo she just had done. It was right on the inside of her thigh, way up. She had white underpants. The tattoo was some sort of dragon in red and blue. I was slightly shocked, and wondered how come this was happening to me, when Vivek needed to meet someone. We started talking, and apparantly the tattooer didn't give her very good instructions about taking care of her tattoo, so I did. We talked for quite a bit.

In the next scene, we were on a bus. My mother was also somewhere around.

Then we were sitting somewhere between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, looking at the view. I had my arm around her, for some reason. She asked me some question about my life. I don't remember what, or how I answered, and I turned the question back at her. She said that she fucked someone she shouldn't have and he touched her clitoris. I was really annoyed by this. I remember the question did not warrant such a reply. Also, I was annoyed that she said "fucked" and not "slept with", which was more appropriate.

So I said something like "And?", and she said she'd been with him, on and off, ever since. She meant that she had been with him all that time just because he happened to touch her clitoris.

I got my stolen bag back, someone had found it and left it at the police. When I looked inside it, nothing was missing. Actually there were stuff in the bag which wasn´t there before - three tiny sets of plastic vampire teeth and a blood red lipstick. I am apperantly psychic and upon seeing these things I get a vision of the thiefs: three six-year-old goth girls all dressed in black, with heavy make-up and teeth long and sharp as they rummage through my bag, smirking. Evil little vampires. This vision really frightens me. I know they left their stuff as a threatening message - the little vampires are out to get me!

I was married. My husband was a sweet balding black writer who spent most of his time in the research section of the library. I took off from work one rainy day and went to the library to surprise him. When I got there I found his coat and the micro-cassette recorder he used for interviews. It was still recording but there was no one around. Then I suspected, was convinced... he was having an affair.

I was looking in a book with large print and a watercolor on the top of each right page. Each flip of the pages told another step of the story. I saw the wet umbrella by the door. Two sets of wet footprints on a blue carpet. They both stopped at the same point as if they both took their shoes off then. A bed, like you'd find in a Holiday Inn, still made but with two side by side depressions where they had sat.

I came around a corner and saw them sitting together. Face to face, she was hunched over, tears pouring out of her. His arm stretched out, his hand placed on her back for comfort, but not closeness. This was no affair. This was my wonderful husband helping a friend in need.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Kendall rolled over and looked at the clock and said "6:30GMT! Great time to get up!". He got up and started pissing in the corner by the alarm clock. I sat up and said "Kendall, what are you doing?" He ignored me and kept pissing. I threw a pillow at him and he looked at me and started pissing all over the walls and floor. I looked at him and realised that he was still asleep, sleepwalking. I got up and shook him and slapped him to try to get him to wake up. But he turned around, grabbed me and pissed on me and started to choke me. I passed out.


I woke up on my side of the bed at the usual time, rolled over and looked at Kendall, still asleep. Ah, it was just a dream. I got up and walked over to the closet. The alarm started blaring, so I walked over to turn it off. I stepped on something cold and wet. I looked down and the floor is all covered in piss. I whirled toward Kendall and he is awake and looking at me. I said "It wasn't a dream! You did this!", pointing at the piss on the floor. Then I see that he still has the sleepwalking look in his eyes, and I remember how he choked me, and I back away towards the door. He gets up out of the bed and starts coming toward me.

I run away.

I run into someone's house and I see Kendall riding down the street backwards on a Japanese crotch rocket. He says he's coming for me. I run out and climb in an SUV, but he's there waiting for me, so I run out side. He throws miniature axes at me and they hit my hands. I throw them back at him, but then never seem to stick in him. He throws a circular saw blade at me and I manage to avoid it. It grinds itself into the shape of a Ninja Star and I throw it at him and cut him in half.

Then I wake up.

I roll over and look at Kendall, still sleeping. He wakes up a little and throws his arm around me and pulls me to him in a spoon. I tell him, "I just had the strangest dream."

My dream was a whole replay of yesterday. It was very wierd, as the brightness of the images which depicted my day varied in color based on the emotional value of the moment. I can honestly say this dream basically scared me shitless. :)

Imagine a giant set of 10-sided dice.

On each side of the die was a scenario from my life. The dice would roll and stop, and I would watch what ever scene was playing, until it started to roll again. The dice started to roll faster, and stay on scenes for less amount of time each time. It started spinning and spinning until all of the scenes were meshing together like some sick version of Clockwork Orange in my head.

I sat up in bed, my head too full to sleep.

I went to work at 6 a.m. ... I normally go at 9:30.
This was wierd, but then again, none of my dreams make sense.
I was laying on my couch, and fell asleep during a storm.
I all of a sudden was in Vietnam, and had a huge space age looking rifle in my hands. I was taking aim at someone, when I was tapped on the shoulder, and who was there? None other than Jackie Chan, the king of Martial-Comedy-Arts. He gives me an eggroll, and picks up a rifle.

We are sneaking behind enemy lines when all of a sudden Jackie turns the gun on me and makes me walk a plank off of this ship into a canyon.
The falling woke me up.
I woke up and heard the Extreme Weather Sirens, so I never really gave it much thought until now. Wierd.

I was visiting this town which was simultaneously Milan, Italy and the little New Jersey town in which I was born.

Well. There was this combination trolley/bicycle ride, and I was going somewhere with this couple and some very young guy who kept hugging me. Although the ride itself was wonderful, I was concerned whether this guy's affections were purely childlike (i.e., I was like a mother to him) or amorous. I was hoping for the former.

I was a member of a cult and watching a documentary about it on TV. Somehow I was within the thing I was seeing, so that I could walk through doorways, run around and see what was happening, even though the entire thing was a fiction and had nothing to do with the way things were in the actual cult.

The cult was very straight-laced, but the people in this documentary were all left-over hippies, drugged out, dressed in late-sixties styles, meditating, etc.

One guy seemed to be chanting AUM but was actually carrying a mechanical device like a gyroscope/pulley business that generated this LOUD hum. And that was good enough for him, as far as meditation was concerned.

Now here's a dream that I'm actually sharing. For some bizzare reason, this one actually sticks out in my mind.

I was walking through Meijer. The place I work at. Well, not really the one I work at, this one seemed to be a hybrid of the one I work at and the one my bro worked at. The front was all windows (Like mine), but gifts and lamps was on the wrong side (Like my brother's).

That's where I happened to be. I was looking over all the odd flourescent stuff, lava lamps, and other groovy things like that. For some reason, I must have been looking over them for quite a while, since I didn't notice the lights in the store went out. Don't ask me why the lights around the groovy stuff didn't go out.

Anyhoo, after leaving gifts and lamps and noticing the lights being out in the store, I wondered what was up. It was then that I noticed the sound of rain on the roof. (It was either that or the store's A/C finally kicking in, and, let's face it, it could only be rain) I didn't have long to think about that, as suddenly, the windows in front of the store shattered under the pressure of rain. Though it seemed more like a tidal wave crashing through.

It was around that time that I woke up in a half-asleep stupor. I could swear I saw someone hiding in the corner of my room staring at me. I quickly figured out it was a hallucination, since there was no way in hell someone could fit in the corner of my room, amongst all the old software boxes, Nintendo Power magazines, Perl/Linux/etc books, and the as-yet-not-hung-up framed Tux poster.

This wouldn't be so odd to me if it didn't stick in my mind all day long. Or if it didn't start storming real hard late this night.

My keyboard had Windows keys on it. I had never noticed them before. I pressed one and suddenly knew how to use emacs.

As in all of my nightmares, I am high as a kite. I hate that feeling; no control over anything. I was on my way home from a friend's house with Aaron, but due to my current state of mind I was unable to drive my car. Kelli Fisher (girl I know from school and the trip to Europe) turned up some place and offered to drive us home. We were just going along down Lakeshore, when all of a sudden there is construction and metal poles all over the road. Kelli just drives around them. I was convinced none of it was real, so I asked her why she didn't just keep going striaght. Just then, a car in the other lane pulls right in front of us. Brakes squeeling, people screaming, and Aaron is sitting in the back saying "ShitshitshitshitshitshitSHIT." All I could think about was what my parents would say when they found me dead with questionalbe levels of THC in my blood. But thankfully, we missed the car and just kept spinning and spinning and spinning until my stomach was whirling in painful circles...

A second later, I woke up and barely made it to the bathroom before being sick.

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