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Reality Tourism

  • A to do list with four photographs, all of my girlfriend Genery.

  • Playing Star Wars with school friends from the past. There are large laser guns lying about and picking one up turns you into a storm trooper or an Ewok or a jedi master. I pick up a big two-handed machine and turn into a robotic gun turret, guarding the base.

  • I'm a little kid back in the 80s, running around a mall wreaking havoc with my friends. We make fun of the large hairstyles and the slang of teenagers and adults. We vandalize shops and steal candy.

  • Sitting in a circle outdoors with friends Ali, August and others. Ali produces a bag of reefer and we each pull out a nug to disassemble for the preparation of a bomber. We deposit the finely separated plant material onto a large leaf in the middle. When we are through, August pours a dollop of his apple juice onto the small pile. We are not angry at him but question why he did such a thing. He doesn't know. I reach into my pocket and pull out my small stash jar. When I open it up I find that half of my stash is missing and in addition, the jar is full of water. Very peculiar.

    We then go on a walk. It is a warm, sunny day and we're strolling under a line of eucalyptus trees. Somehow over the course of the next few minutes, one of our group is mysteriously kidnapped by a discarnate entity. We then enter into negotiation with the noncorporeal being through the medium of shamanic rituals. Ali acts as the prime mediator. I remember standing in a line beneath the trees as a our surroundings became blurred in a cold fog and a hurricane wind blew at our bodies, but our success or failure was lost in the dream memory of this morning's awakening.

Must...save...princess... Must...get...blackjack!

It was a clear night with a full moon, and I was playing Blackjack. All the tables and dealers were up on rooftops, and all the roofs were made out of clay tiles. I had to keep playing to win enough money to save a princess. But I didn't know who the princess was. I kept asking who this princess was, and everyone told me to be quiet. Discussing the princess was forbidden.

It was hard because I could only play a few hands in a row at each table, or else a guy that looked like Chow Yun Fat would appear and start cutting my chips in half with a green sword. Except, although I somehow knew that it was a green sword, it really looked purple in the dream. I had to switch tables when I got a feeling that Chow Yun Fat would show up, or sometimes he'd show up and I'd run with my chips just in the knick of time. I was lucky because he almost never got to hit any of my winnings with his sword.

To get around between tables, we all flew around from rooftop to rooftop like in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

i have done something bad. i run down a hill and across a creek away from it, toward the big house. the house is like a castle, stone and thick wood. the grass is exceptionally bright green. i enter the house and go into the dining room. i look out the window at the bright green and blue world outside. inside the house is grey and damp, quite the opposite of outside where the air is clean and breathable.

there is a thick wood table, coated thouroughly in varnish. there are knots in the wood which are filled in with this epoxy-like coating. it is like looking into a glass paperweight. i sit down and look at the knotholes.

as i am sitting, i look down at my legs and notice that my right thigh is quite red and blistered. i pull the chair away from the table and try to move myself into the light from the window. i discover that the skin on my leg is burnt down to what looks like muscle. in the area which is only burnt to blisters, a word is carved, though in waking i cannot recall it.
the prison was just a sparse placement of bars
a ceiling
a cold cement floor with a sloped drain
poorly sloped
i tried to pretend my bare feet were in water

there were no exterior walls
i had a 360° view
outside was cool, lush, blueish-green grass for a good distance, then a dense forest
the sky was grey and gloomy, threatening rain (usually my favorite)

the ghoul was a long time inmate
translucent pale
bacon fat
mangled and deformed
it lurched and limped, but at a frightningly fast pace
it was old
vaguely female in shape and tone
it cackled
it's body was lanky and loose
it could squeeze between the bars of the prison with ease
someone said she had rubber bones
it could move from cell to cell at will
to torment me
it molests other prisoners too
i try to ignore the screams as someone reports waking with it in his bed
it mocked him like a retarded psychopath
now it's coming this way
my turn
it's moving so quickly
i'm suffocating
i wish it, or anything else, would kill me
it's pushing its way through the last bars before me
something in its voice... its face...
the thing is happy

i woke up
for a moment my blankets felt like arms wrapped tightly around me, keeping me down
still afraid to open my eyes
i caught my breath

then i realized
that fucking thing could have left the prison any time if it wanted too
i had to swallow down my vomit

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