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Walking down the beach, the tide was coming in all crazy. Irregular waves that threatened my feet. Suddenly I was on horseback, no saddle, and I knew I was safe even though I'd never done this before. Couldn't quite figure out where to put my hands but I knew I would be safe. The horse and I talked. He was a lot of fun. He had never been to the beach but knew all about playing in the waves. After we got past the dangerous part I got off and walked. Urchins and anemones washing up by the dozens, threatening our feet. Squeal and run - they might pinch us. We found a baby dolphin washed up and I asked if he was all right. He said no, so I scooped him up and brought him along. Then he was ok. By this time the waves had gone all crazy again and I was worried the suddenly black water would pull one of us under. We started back. We sent the dolphin out into an ocean that had grown black, black clouds boiling above it. None of us felt threatened, we knew to respect the weather. We would be safe.

The Carlosian Dream Project

Part 4

See: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Note: This segment appears to occur after the events of Part 1 and Part 2.

A strange room

A young woman enters, her hair is dark and her attire is conservative.

She carries with her a sack, it rattles as she walks to a table.

In a rush she dumps the bag on the table, and empties it's contents.

Hundreds of small, black, shell, fragments.

Immediatly, she begins to place the peices in some form of order and begins to glue them back together.

She picks up one fragment and it appears to be the representation of an eye.

We look over the woman's face and we see more of her appearance.

She is young, and innocent looking, with wide, bright eyes, that reveal her soul. Her eyes show pity and hope as she begins her quest to rebuild this puzzle.

Time passes

The face of the body is now complete, but it is not BaronCarlos' face. It is simmilar, but it is very different. There is a smile on the once stoic, cold face, and the black stone appears brilliant.

The work continues, as the body is rebuilt and after each frustrating peice, the job is one step closer to completion.

Soon, the full shell is complete, and the woman rests from her labor, but only for a moment, because her work is not yet finished.

From a drawer, she takes a tray of paints and begins to add color to the lifeless black shell.

She begins with the face, and the skin, and soon the black trench coat is alive with shadow and depth.

The woman is a skilled artist.

Once completed, and the body of Baron Carlos is colored, the body appears to be of flesh and not cold hard shell.

But there is no life in the flesh. And the image is wrong.

It is Carlos' body, and Carlos' body, but it doesn't look right.

It's not BaronCarlos, the soul is not there.

The woman begins to treat the body, as if it were alive, she feeds it, she talks to it, as if it were a real person.

The image is quite pathetic.

The body of BaronCarlos is that of a doll.

As time passes, the woman soon realizes that she has been pouring her own life into this doll, and the doll gives nothing back.

The doll is then rejected and discarded.

Part 5

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