The Carlosian Dream Project

Part 7

See: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, and Part Six.

Note: The "author" cannot discern if this segment of the dream saga is at the begining of the series or at the end.


BaronCarlos is alone and in a complete state of undress, and bathed in light.

He is very uncomfortable.

The light is piercing, intrusive and opposed to Baron Carlos.

He does not belong here.

Carlos is not standing, nor sitting, nor anything.
Carlos is floating, in nothingness.

Hanging, face ?up?, with the light falling upon his body.

Around him, is nothing.

Nebulous void.

He cannot move.

He can move, but his motion does not transport him anywhere.

His position is static.

Voices echo in the audio background vibration.

They speak of BaronCarlos.

"He is here."
"We have him."
"He must be dealt with."
"He must never be allowed to return."

Baron Carlos remains calm, his face, as always, stoic.

"We could change him, make him ours."
"Yes, make him ours."
"No. He is borne of the other side. He cannot be one of us."

This is the Light, the other side.

The enemy.

The force that Carlos had sworn at a young age to oppose and do battle against.

The force that has him in their respective clutches.

BaronCarlos watches as a sword of light forms in the ?air? above him.

"He must not be allowed to return"

The sword lights on fire and plunges into him, and through his chest.

Carlos' face writhes with pain as he grasps the blade of the flaming sword with both hands.

A black fluid, oozes out of his chest, his heart.

As the pitch black liquid falls, it changes to crimson red.

The Darkness turns to life.

See Part Eight

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