I can only remember a bit of what I dreamed last night, but what I remember was fun. I was at some sort of professional convention where the hotel had lost my room, so I had to sleep out in the lobby.

After a week or so of this, I finally got to go home, only the airline had given my seat to someone else. I got on the standby list and eventually got back to my home airport.

When my friends came to pick me up, someone else got in their car, but I managed to squeeze in anyway.

Then, for no apparent reason, EDB ate me. I don't think I was able to dream anything else for the rest of the night.

- / +

  • At the park it started to rain and we took cover, sort of, under a leaky wooden thing. We laughed at the rain and each other and the fact that we hadn't wanted to come to the park in the first place, but we'd been there for six hours now.

  • The guy with the dreads impressed the tv executive with his encyclopedia of knowledge about this new obscure little show. I watched five minutes of it with the kids and we were all rapt. A marionette switched to animation switched to live-action, and it was all brilliant, we could not tear our eyes away. Executive guy hired dreads guy, which was fortunate, as dreads was homeless.

  • Pete's neighbors had left a box of photos by the curb and I couldn't help but go through it. I gathered what I could and rang his bell. A Hasidic Jew who flickered into being Pete let me in, but into a new hallway, and inside everything was different. What possessed him to get a yellow bedspread? I thought, and I wanted to hug him but was already awake. Shouldn't have wasted all that time with the pictures.

  • Sitting on the cool hard floor of the emergency room. Megan Reynolds and Megan from Felicity came in. Megan R. had a walkman in a plastic bag and I was amazed at how loud and clear it made the music. I just heard that album this morning. Megan R. was confused - what album? You know, the guy from Wilco. Whatshisname, Tweed. I pointed at the walkman and saw it was a book. She laughed at me and I realized the music was coming through the overhead system, as it had been continuously, all day, and I didn't really know what album it was. And why was I in the emergency room?

  • A man made out of sticks, revolving. Voice-over: Most people are disturbed if the angle of the arms joining the body is the same as the legs dividing at the crotch. We learned that from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • I was in a mental institution. My friend Meg was there with me, along with some of her friends that I didn't know. They were chatting like nothing was wrong, like we were at a big sleepover or something, but I was scared and anxious.

    I went for a bike ride around the building and ran into my ex-boyfriend. We raced like children around the neighborhood, laughing and yelling. I returned after visiting a local high school.

    When I got back I discovered that I was pregnant, or someone was pregnant, I'm not quite sure. I/she gave birth in the hallway surrounded by the people I knew. Except, when I held the baby it was actually a stuffed animal. I didn't seem to notice, however, because I went on loving it as if it were a human baby. I only realized this after I woke up.

    Later we went to a restaurant with all of the crazies (including me) and all I remember is getting mad because they had nothing vegetarian.

    Then I woke up.

    I had a dream this morning. You were there. We were in Florida I think. We were in the swamp or forest. There was a pretty pinkish, almost like translucent, mouth-colored alligator (not a crocodile, like you guys were calling it), and I was looking at you from behind while you and the other person (I don't remember) were in front of it, and I said something like "Let's go" and you guys carefully came around, but when you got right in front of it, it jumped up and bit you in the left side, right above your waist. I was expecting a chunk of your side to be gone, but instead it was four really big fang bites. It was very scary. I instantly turned into Boy Scout first aid mode and starting with procedure. We got you out of wherever, and when we came out of the forest-like part, we were on the edge of a parking lot for an apartment building. You guys stayed by the car, but I went up to ask to use these people's phone. They were really weird, and 911 didn't work, so I had to dig through this pile of phonebooks to find the right ambulance number, but by the time I got back down, you were ok and healed and said it was time to go.

    It's getting kinda blury now, but I can remember why I was late for school today.
    It had something to do with a conference in Ungdom Mot Narkotika, I can remember that much.
    I probably was fire-guard for that night. (A fireguard is a thing that's necesary in any rented public building where somebody is sleeping, the reason for this is unknown)
    Anyway, I was up sometimes around 5 am, for an uknown reason, prolly fireguard, when all the sudden a huge part of the building I was inside collapsed. I got burried under bricks and huge segments of the roof/ceiling. I somehow managed to free myself from the rubble, and woke up wrapped up in my blanket, my alarmclock was blearing, but I only knew that there was a collapsed building somewhere inside my head, and I had to go back to sleep to save the others who were trapped under the ruins.
    That's why I was late for school today...

    I had vague notions of disappointment this morning when I woke up, and now I remember why. I dreamt last night that I had never gotten divorced, and that my wife and I were happy together. We were sitting on the couch together watching some movie that she liked, and our kids were playing in the other room. It was a good melancholy dream.

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