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Eve 6 is a rock band consisting of the members:
  1. Max Collins - vocals, bass
  2. Jon Siebels - guitar, vocals
  3. Tony Fagenson - drums, vocals
Their music has a decidedly punk feel, with the connation, of course, of lots of Offspring-ish yelling at times :-) They made it big (platinum big, that is) in 1998 with their single, "Inside Out". Their albums, so far, are Eve 6 (self-titled) and Horrorscope.

I've seen them once in my life: at the 2000 HFStival, they played on the outer stage; they were just about the best performance that day, causing me to miss Deftones (but, Eve 6 was worth it, and I didn't regret it!). I'd rate them as my second favorite band, after Beastie Boys -- and I have no reservations with saying the best album of 2000 has been Horrorscope!

Eve 6, aside from being a respectable band with a few hits under their belt, deserve a kudos for the extremes they go to for the fans.

I first decided to check out some more Eve 6 music when the first bullets were being fired against that immortal martyr of free music. Eve 6 was on a very short list of bands that supported Napster. On a whim, I checked out their website.

I was impressed to discover that every one of their songs was available for download on their website. As it turns out, they also do all of their own HTML. I was pleasantly surprised, and downloaded several songs. Here's to the Night struck me as a simple yet very pleasant slow song, and Open Road Song was an instant favorite for me.

I even signed up for Eve 6's online request army. I received a newsletter every day. It was always a pleasure to read. They'd talk about tours they were on, and band that they had met. It had an almost Almost Famous feel. They included an occasional joke or link to a favorite website of theirs. They also included a reminder of what time of the day their fans could call MTV's TRL and a link to the online voting at MTV.com. School and/or work prevented me from calling in, but I made it a point to vote for Promise online every night.

After that song made it on TRL, they mailed each and every member of their request army an autographed poster and a letter thanking them for their support. It read as follows:

Hi everybody,
Thanks for helping out with TRL. You guys kick ass. Keep calling because it's not over yet!

Tony Fagenson an artsy, almost illegible signature
Jon Siebels beautiful writing with a picture perfect J
Max Collins this signature was printed, crooked, and easy-going

After receiving this in the mail, I hung poster and letter on my wall, grabbed my keys, and went to the local Wal-Mart and bought their CD for about twenty bucks. Their music is good, but I wouldn't call it groundbreaking. But gee, the way they bend over backwards for their fans puts them pretty high on my list of favorite bands.


Eve 6 (self-titled)
Eve 6 is also the name of a character in an episode of the television show The X-Files.

I have seen several rumors that this is, in fact, where the band got their name. According to rumor, they are huge X-Files fans, and used this obscure character as the name of the band.

In the episode, entitled "Eve", Mulder and Scully encounter two homocidal little girls, who are actually clones. They are the continuation of a government eugenics project, in which eight men and women were genetically engineered and cloned. The men were named "Adam", and the women were named "Eve". Eve 6 was one of three surviving clones from the project. She was locked up in a maximum security facility in a padded cell.

When the FBI agents meet her, she says she has to wear handcuffs and other restraints because she bit a prison gaurd's eyeball, "...as a show of affection."

Some inspiration for a band name, huh?

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