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A grocery store chain started in 1957 in Salisbury, NC. Has over 1000 locations in the southeast and mid-Atlantic states. Food Lion is an equal-opportunity employer. Food Lion opposes union intervention of any kind. Uniform for most employees consists of white collared shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Sagging, mohawks, hair that is dyed unnatural colors, and visible non-ear piercings are prohibited on employees at all levels. All workers must be drug-free to retain employment, and drug tests are given periodically.
When a cashier at Food Lion reports for duty, the first thing he or she does is sign in. This is done by typing in a personal code in the computer near the main office. After that, a manager gets the "pan" for you. The pan is simply the thing that the money goes into. The contents of the pan must be counted and must equal $200 plus or minus $1. The pans are kept in a safe that is also near the main office. Then the cashier goes to an open register and begins to wait for customers. Usually this does not take very long.
Merchandise with a UPC/barcode is simply hovered over the laser scanner until the machine emits a highly annoying "beep." Although there is no evidence to suggest that prolonged exposure to this sound may result in dementia or other mental conditions, it is the author's opinion that it most definitely will. Produce is a different matter altogether. Each item from the produce section has its own four digit code. The merchandise must be placed on the scale and weighed. Then the special code must be entered into the machine.
The music played over the sound system is usually oldies, soft rock, and the occasional good song, such as the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" or Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al." I have noticed that they play a lot of Sixpence None the Richer, which I am NOT going to link to because they suck. But I digress . . .
Food Lion claims to have the lowest prices, but since almost all grocery stores make this claim, it should not be taken too seriously.

In May of 1992, ABC sent two of its producers "undercover" to work for a Food Lion store, and investigate their food handling practices. Later in the year, the network ran a hidden camera exposé accusing Food Lion of unsanitary and dishonest food handling practices, and doing generally disgusting things with expired meat (like repackaging it and putting it back on the shelf).

After their own sales went down 10% and their stock values depreciated by 20%, Food Lion sued ABC for fraud and trespass for the way in which they gained access to the stores (fake identities and resumés). A federal jury in Greensville, NC found the network guilty as charged and awarded Food Lion $5.5 million in punitive damages.

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