Forced Exposure is an online music distributor located in Malden, MA.

Their catalogue includes new and reissued music, print publications, and one toy. Their listing of artists and labels is vast and includes fine examples and permutations of what may be generally classified as outsider music: aleatory, anti-folk, ambient, atonal, avant garde, black metal, Bollywood, breakcore, chiptune, collage, dub, dubstep, electronic, experimental, found sound, folk, funk, generative, hip hop, house, IDM, illbient, improvisational, indeterminate, industrial, jazz, jingles, jungle, minimalism, noise, punk, psychedelia, rap, rave, reggae, rock, shoegaze, soul, spoken word, thrash, and turntablism.

If you enjoy the radio show Hearts of Space or Raymond Scott or Lee Scratch Perry or Danzig or Aphex Twin or all of Brian Eno's output, you will find something from Forced Exposure to please your ear.

Where else can you buy Blunted Robots on vinyl if your local record store (assuming your locale even has one) won't stock it?

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