The last flick Bruce Lee made. Lee plays Billy Lo, a successful actor dating a successful singer. But danger lurks, a crime syndicate/entertainment agency will stop at nothing to sign the best entertainers. Billy's resistance to their muscle results in an attempt on his life which puts his girl in the crazy house. After these events, the best kung fu movie plot develops........REVENGE!

Crazy Thing About The Movie

The attempt on Lo's life in the movie happens when a mobster uses a real bullet on a movie set. In a scene that is the end of The Chinese Connection, blanks fire off at a jumping Bruce Lee. The mobster fires a real bullet and shoots Lo in the face. Lee's son Brandon Lee actually died on a movie set this way. A real bullet wasn't fired, but a piece of a blank broke through the barrel and killed him. Essentially, the plot of Lee's character's supposed death foretold the death of his son in reality. In Game of Death, Billy Lo fakes his death and has a closed coffin funeral. Bruce Lee's funeral was closed also. This adds more mystery surrounding Bruce Lee and his death.

Back to the movie, Lo fakes his death, and the clock chimes for whoop ass time. Overall, I love the movie, but it isn't for everyone. Here are some things that make this movie unique:

  • Weird correlation between movie and death within the Lee family.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar studied Jeet Kune Do and appears in the film as a thug for the syndicate. I don't think Lee taught a slam dunk style, but Abdul-Jabbar jumps near a staircase to slam dunk a would be talent to their death.
  • Sammo Hung fights Robert Wahl(Enter the Dragon) in an incredible fight sequence.
  • The fight between Bruce Lee and Robert Wahl. Wahl plays Karl Miller in Game of Death and O'Hara in Enter the Dragon."You lose Karl Miller!"
  • The motorcycle scene. If you have played Tekken 3, Law's strange orange suit is taken from Lee's apparel in this scene.
  • Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! 5 foot nothing master fighting a 7 footer with hot pants and shades, how about the 70s?
  • The end sequence watches like a video game plays. Like the arcade game Kung Fu, Lee beats people up and has to ascend a building fighting a different styled boss on each floor.
  • Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. Not as good as the other fights, but kung fu legend fighting Walker, Texas Ranger
  • Fighting legend's last film

Year: 1978
Director: Robert Clouse
Runtime: 100 Minutes

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