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A good friend of mine in Florida lives pretty close to his Grandparents. He and I used to ride our bikes to their house, to hang out, talk, and drink ginger ale. I've spent the night over their house many times, and they're really nice people.

Dave (my friend) had once told me that his Grandfather quite often refers to edible liquids as "Jizzum." Of course I laughed and called bullshit, but this was only due to my own ears not hearing such usage. Perhaps this offers a glimpse into the etymology of this word, but I digress.

One day, we were at their house eating breakfast. (Pancakes, I believe.) We were just talking about nothing in particular, and his Grandfather pointed to the syrup canister, and said "Gimme some of that Jizzum." Dave and I looked at each other, and it was all that we could do to keep from bursting into laughter. A few snickers managed to escape, drawing curious looks from his Grandmother. A bit later, after Dave and I shared a few knowing looks, his Grandfather wanted more syrup. Sure as clockwork, he said "Pass me more of that Jizzum."

We had to leave the table.

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