A term I've given to a rather sickening syndrome that's been hitting Asia for decades. Hong Kong, bar Singapore and Tokyo, is by far the richest city in that part of Asia. They got a head start on most of Asia. An unfortunate consequence of this is that stupid fads that start in Hong Kong spread like diseases to the rest of Asia in no time.

People are incredibly jealous of the rich lifestyle of some Hong Kongers. They try to copy them. In fashion, behavior, entertainment, everything. Disgusting? The Cantopop endemic began in Hong Kong. Look what happens in 10 years. Korean pop, a form of pseudo-music that is even worse than Cantopop, spawned from the "rock kiddies" of Hong Kong. Asian MTV originated here. The mobile phone fad and the discman fad began in HK. The obnoxious Asian fashion fad started here. The chigger was created in Hong Kong. God, the list goes on and on.....

Hong Kong is possibly the epicenter for just about everything that I hate that came out of Asia. Sure, there are plenty of good things that came out of there, but the creation of the chigger is unforgivable. It isn't just in Asia, it is all over the world. The Hong Kong chigger endemic entered North America via Vancouver and San Francisco, and has since spread all over the continent. Why should people be jealous of a lifestyle that created so much evil? Beats me.

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