A question asked by a Newsweek interviewer of "Spinal Tap" member David St. Hubbins, a.k.a. Michael McKean. His response:

Well, we've lost count. It got spooky. We decided we were going to make an entire album with no live drumming at all--just a computer program. And you know what happened? The computer crashed. And we said, "Walk away. Walk away."

For the uninitiated, Spinal Tap drummers are famous for spontanously exploding during... Oh, forget it. Just go rent the movie.

Known drummer deaths for Spinal Tap (info from fan site at www.chiprowe.com/tap, unless otherwise stated):

  • John "Stumpy" Pepys -- died in 1969 in a bizarre gardening accident.
  • Eric Childs -- died 1974, choking to death on someone else's vomit.
  • Peter "James" Bond -- spontaneously combusted on stage in 1977.
  • Mick Shrimpton, who replaced Bond, disappeared and is presumed dead, as his brother Ric replaced him in 1992 and interviews with Ric make reference to other Tap members saying "We're not sure we want to put your mum through this again." (Rip, June 1992). I can't find a cause of death stated anywhere, though.
  • In an interview on the Arsenio Hall Show in December 1992, David St. Hubbins referred to a drummer he did not name who had been accidentally packed with the band's equipment and never seen again. St. Hubbins also claimed then that the band had had 12 drummers.

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