It seems to me that the announcer who played the sport, or competed before they became announcers, suddenly got alot better after becoming announcers. These people can point out exactly what everyone is doing wrong and how it should be done. They have the answer for every attack and the perfect strategy for every victory.

I, for some reason, seem to have misplaced the memory of your flawless and amazing performance while actually participating in the sport.

That's the announcement I'd like to give to announcers like that. I understand they have some insight on the sport, but they're definitely not the last word on it. Until they realize that their career went nowhere, they're just criticizing people who are much better than them at what they used to do. Of course, they're much better than me at announcing so, until I get a spot in some sports seat next to another announcer, I should point out that,

I seem to have misplaced the memory of my renowned sports commentary career.

In any case, I would enjoy the sport alot more without the insight captain amazing provides me through his microphone.

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